GlobeSt Interview
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3 Simple Steps

Enter Lease Terms - for Lease #1, or Lease#1 and Lease#2.

For an individual lease analysis, enter lease terms for Lease #1.  For comparing two leases with equal or variant lease terms (i.e. comparing 5-year term, and 3-year term) Select Compare Leases "ON" and enter assumptions for Lease #1 and Lease #2. Additionally, Select your appropriate analytic perspective, either "LANDLORD", or "TENANT".

Enter Forward Assumptions - for all fields.

For both individual and comparative lease analysis, Enter All Required Field Assumptions. By default, all fields are required, though individual lease analysis only requires discount rate and inflation for its calculation. Watch F9 Leasing Kid

Done - View, Save, or Export Results to Excel.

Your work is complete. You may now view the detailed results by selecting View Results, save your summary lease assumptions by Naming Scenario, and you may export the results to Excel for further analysis and reporting.